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Ipsative education is a research-based and evidence - informed 360 approach to educational transformation.

Our four ACTS: Assessments for learning, Child-centric books, Training that 'sticks' and Service, lead to guaranteed improvement that is 'measurable'.

Ipsative Model of Education


CIS at a Glance

Founder and Concept: Dr Sunita Gandhi

Proven Method Based on Research By - Dr Sunita Gandhi
Visionary Educator, Researcher, Innovator & Author
Alumna, Cambridge University, UK
Founder, TARGETplus Education, India
Founder, Council for Global Education, USA
Dr Sunita Gandhi - Know more..

Dr Gandhi’s research published in the UK in 2017 shows students perform better when they compete with themselves, not others: Gandhi S. (2017) Compete With Yourself (CWY): Maximising Learning Gain in Schools. In: Hughes G. (eds) Ipsative Assessment and Personal Learning Gain. Palgrave Macmillan, London