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Dr Bharti Gandhi's name has become synonymous with City Montessori School. Her sincere devotion towards the education of children, training of teachers, upliftment of women, eradication of social evils, is recognized everywhere and she is respected by everyone for the same.

In 1959 Dr Bharti Gandhi along with her husband Dr Jagdish Gandhi laid the foundation of Sarvodaya Seva Sansthan, which is a registered body and under the aegis of which all their activities - social, educational and cultural are carried on. Dr Gandhi worked as a psychologist in the UP government Psychology Centre at Lucknow from 1957-59.

She worked as a lecturer in Khun Khun Ji Girls Degree College, Lucknow in 1960-61, and was the Principal of Adarsh Shiksha Kendra Inter College, Lucknow in 1961-62.

In 1962 Dr Gandhi convened an All India Anti-Dowry Conference. She also led a band of selfless women workers to picket liquor shops and explained to alcoholics the evils of drinking. She convened the UP Stage Prohibition Conference, the first of its kind in September 1965, which was inaugurated by Shri Morarji Desai. In 1965 Dr Bharti Gandhi organized a Women Workers Conference at Anand Bhawan in Allahabad. This conference was addressed by Saint Vinoba Bhave. Other issues which are of great interest to Dr Bharti Gandhi are adult education and national integration. She has also convened Children and Youth Festivals and Conferences to promote national integration.

In 1974 Dr Bharti Gandhi espoused the Baha'i Faith, an independent religion that teaches oneness of God, of religion and of mankind. She has been a member of the national administrative body of the Baha'is of India and the Baha'i National Spiritual Assembly for about 27 years.

It is notable that at the age of 60 Dr Bharti Gandhi decided to get a doctorate in Education from Benaras Hindu University, this despite the fact that she was already M.Ed., Psychologist.

Dr Bharti Gandhi is quite an original thinker and CMS has greatly benefitted from her hard and dedicated services. Her innovative ideas and fresh thinking on education has influenced not only CMS, but many schools nationwide.

Dr Bharti Gandhi's life has been one of dedication to the service of children and to women's welfare and she continues this task undeterred by any obstacles. She has a tremendous zeal for life. Even after 53 years of service to City Montessori School (CMS) as its founder-director, she spares no effort to make constant improvements in CMS providing wholesome education to its students.